About My Music

I have always been fascinated with instrumental music. If someone writes an amazing set of lyrics to a song and a great melody, the listener knows what the writer is trying to express emotionally as well as literally. This takes incredible talent in it’s own right. But how does a composer express meaning and emotion without words? Expressing happiness, sadness, love etc? It has been my life’s work to learn how to compose music in this fashion. In the guitar world, so much weight has been put on technique and virtuosity. While hearing a player with extremely high technical facility is something we all love, it’s not the only part of the story. In my view, no matter how amazing the playing is, if there is no connection with the song there, you have nothing. A song isn’t about a guitar solo alone………sad I know…..but it’s true.

The best musicians view themselves as songwriters as well as players. No matter how many cool licks or riffs I come up with, I always ask myself is there a song here? Only when I can answer that question with a yes can I move forward to technique. Then it’s just time to have fun playing the guitar!


This past summer I started production on a group of songs at Portrait Recording Studios with my close friend and drummer Chris Badami. Working on this project has been one of the great joys in my life. Seeing my own music come from an idea into a reality is such a amazing process. I hope everyone enjoys this first release as much as we did creating it and playing it! Much more to come!

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